The Backwards Brain Bicycle Challenge is a unique Mental Adventure, that has been created to be a physical illustration of Neuro-plasticity-The brains ability to rewire itself.

Through taking on the Backwards Brain Bicycle Challenge, I'm hoping to demonstrate that you are not your mental ill-health, that we all have the ability to change our brains wiring, and that in doing so we can exchange the negative thought patterns of our mental ill-health, for those that are more positive, happier and resilient, leading to a stronger mental well-being.


The Backwards Brain Bicycle Challenge see's me get to grips with Confucius the Kona, a reverse steering bicycle, as I essentially re-learn how to ride a bike again.

However, this time I'll be fighting against all my learnt, instinctive and well practiced thought patterns from a life time of riding normal bikes, and creating new neural pathways in order to master the Backwards Brain Bike. 

Once mastered I'll be demonstrating the strength of these new neural pathways at two of New Zealand's most iconic Mountain Bike events, as I take on the Karapoti Classic, and the Motatapu. 

The backward brain bicycle challenge

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