Pushing myself and the impossible as far as I can, through physical illustrations of our mental struggles.

Each Mental Adventure is created to do three things;

  • ​Spark conversation and build connection.

  • Be a physical illustration of the mental struggles we face, and how we can overcome them.

  • Demonstrate and promote the 5 ways to well-being, as a practical toolkit to bolster our mental well-being. 


Unicycle Molesworth

"Learn to ride a Unicycle" a little voice inside me said,

"and then ride it 182km across the mountain passes and unsealed roads of New Zealands largest high country station, The Molesworth. It'll be fun" the voice said. 

And it totally was! 


Pogo Mt Fyffe

After Unicycle Molesworth, I had expanded my beliefs on what I  was truly capable of, so I decided to up the anti, reach for a world record, and be the first person to travel from sea to summit of a Mountain on a Pogo Stick. Mt Fyffe was the chosen one, and Skippy my trusty Pogo Stick was the chosen machine for the job. 


The Backwards Brain Bicycle Challenge.

A mind boggling adventure, that was created to be a physical illustration of Neuro-plasticity. 

Check this out as I change the wiring of my brain, in attempt to prove to you that you are not your mental illness, and we all have the ability to rewire our brains for the better.