After completing Unicycle Molesworth, I had proven to myself that I was way more capable than I thought, physically and mentally.

I had enjoyed the adventure and challenge so much that I decided to try another, but this time I wanted to up the anti, to push the boundaries of what I was capable of even further, and tackle a new level of impossible. 

So the challenge was set to use a Pogo Stick, to travel from sea level Kaikoura, to the summit of Mt Fyffe at 1602m. 

As you can imagine, nobody had been silly enough to embark on a sea to summit mission aboard a Pogo Stick before, and I was therefore inline for setting a new world record. 

The 21km, 1602 vertical meter journey, saw me take on another 9 months of practice and training. Pushing me physically and mentally to new realms once again. 

On March 22nd 2019, I completed Pogo Mt Fyffe, with 30mins to spare on the record attempt, going down in history as "The Greatest Vertical Distance Ascended on a Pogo Stick in 24 Hours." 

Upon summiting the mountain, it wasn't just a new world record to my name that I had accomplished, but again another new sense of capability, resilience and mental strength. 

I had drawn parallels to everyday life the whole way up the mountain, causing me to think about how we view hardships and tough times in life, and how we can better equip our mindsets to overcome these adversities. 

Thus, the drive and passion to use these challenges to show others in need, how we can use adventure to realize our true potentials of resilience, capability, and ability to overcome our own impossibles. 

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